2 Pax



JVTO's exclusive VVIP Police Escort services elevate
the guest experience, enhancing your brand's prestige &
differentiating the agency from competitors.

Unquestionable Security

We ensure a safe and smooth journey for
our clients with our unique police escort service.

Traffic Management

This ensures punctuality and allows for a
smoother, more enjoyable travel experience.

V I P Treatment

A police escort inherently adds a level of
prestige to your journey. it's about experiencing
the destination in the most exclusive way possible.

Juanda Airport is a busy airport, is difficult to move around and getting very congested when batches of flights land in quick succession. Our Airport VIP fast track services will help avoid the lines and hassles and will make arriving, departing or connecting fast and easy.

Through exclusive agreements with airport authorities, we've eliminated the bottlenecks that plague traditional travel.

Escape the long lines and the big crowd while waiting at the immigration area with this VIP Fast-Track Service
Be greeted by a professional staff member, who will help you navigate your way around the airport
Enjoy a hassle-free arrival or departure by skipping the wait and going directly to the Premium Immigration Lane

All Inclusive